Bagan is a city in Burma. Formerly the site of the ancient kingdom of Bagan. It is the first realm in Burmese history. Located in Mandalay, about 145 km southwest of Mandalay. It is divided into 3 parts: Old Town (Bagan Kingdom), New City (the current residential area) and Yonge (Commercial and Economic Area). Yoo Ou Airport is a city airport. The main income of the city is cultural and historical tourism. There are tourists from all over the world visit here every year. Especially tourists from Asia. Come and experience the natural pagodas in Myanmar.


    Bagan is known as the city of the sea pagoda or the land of four thousand pagodas. In the past, there were 4,446 pagodas present, leaving only 2,217 pagodas. Chavez Shaved Pagoda Created by God Anantha Mang Genesis of the Kingdom of Bagan By the tradition of building a pagoda. The largest pagoda is the pagoda that the king created. And the next small. It was built by the noble pasha down the tide.


   If anyone arrives at Bagan, then do not come up balloon. I miss it. Because of the view from the high angle. See the pagoda from thousands of high angle. And see the view of Bagan in 360 degrees with the appropriate time to balloon is from October to March with a rough service. The balloon is $ 399 or about 12,000 baht per person. 



    In addition to Shavee Shave Pagoda. There are also many important pagodas and temples, such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Ananda Temple, Takayote Pagoda, Phayathai Temple.


Map of travel to Bagan



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