Finale Bar

Finale Bar

 Finale Bar

  Finale Bar The famous sand bar of Sai Kaew Beach. Atmosphere for those who like to indulge in the bar by the sea. Sip a cocktail. Music Lovers turn to face the sea. At night, the beach front is transformed into a Japanese table. Cloth on the sand And beanbag seats are orange to leave the back of the casual. I do not want to go anywhere.

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Every night at 7 pm, there will be a light show at the beach with a view of the beach. The food does not have to worry as fresh as brought from the sea. Whether it is a steamed sea vermicelli, shrimp, steamed crab meat that is steamed just enough. Friendly and well worth the stay.




Open: 18.00 – 01.00 น.
Location: Sai Kaew Beach


 Map to Finale Bar

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