Travel to Kanchanaburi You must not miss.

Travel to Kanchanaburi You must not miss.

 Travel to Kanchanaburi You must not miss 

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Kanchanaburi is a small province. Full of history and culture. But the place is guaranteed to be like.
And like many people certainly have to go to see each other.






    Is a small district One district in Kanchanaburi The charm of this is inevitable culture of beauty. And the way of life of the people. It is a simple but attractive tourist attraction. Starting from the Songkhla River The river is full of people living peacefully. This causes the Mon Bridge. A bridge across the shore caused by the cooperation of villagers in the area. Who can not wait to take a photo. And keep the impression here. There are also Unseen places such as Wat Wang Wiwakaram or the drowned monastery that will see the bell tower pop out of the water. If you want to visit the church full. The drought will reduce the water to visit. And more The monk On the Mon Bridge, dressing sarong tradition. Including to taste the food of the city as well.



 Death Railway 




    If you come here, do not ride here. I miss it. The route through the train will pass along the cliff along the river Kwai. The train will slow down at the curves for safety. See the beautiful atmosphere from the train window. A train station The only station where we ride the train. View to the river Kwai. The only one in Thailand. The train will stop at the cave station. You can take a photo of the Buddha image inside the cave.



 Bridge on the River Kwai 




    A historic bridge. Located in Tambon Makham, Muang District, Kanchanaburi. This is a major bridge of the death line. Built in World War II by the Japanese Army, more than 60,000 prisoners of war were built to build the railroad. The story of war and disease. To kill more than a thousand prisoners of war. It is a symbol of tourism in Kanchanaburi. If anyone comes here to take a photograph as a memorial that has arrived here. Do not forget to come here to buy souvenirs near the River Kwai Bridge as well.



 Tiger cave Temple 




    Located in the middle of a hill. The obvious is inevitable. "Luang Pho Shinpraporn" is a large Buddha statue in the golden color. It is the heart of the people of Kanchanaburi. If anyone can choose that. To walk up the cave measure Tiger must walk up the stairs 157 degrees 60 degrees or to buy electric tram tickets for 10 baht to sit back and forth. After paying homage, do not forget the view of the river and Mae Klong River as well.



 City Mallika Rs 124 




    A new historical source of Kanchanaburi. A replica of the Siamese lifestyle during the reign of King Rama V. Again, the collection of ancient Thai houses. It is well-being and arts and culture. With a population of around 400 people in a variety of cities, we can dress up in a contemporary urban setting. And all this is the Kanchanaburi. You must not miss.


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