Suntree Land of Dolls (Ratchaburi )

Suntree Land of Dolls (Ratchaburi )

   Suntree Land of Dolls (Ratchaburi )

It is located at 1/2 Moo.1, Ban Sing sub-district, Photharam district. It is a dreamland for doll lovers. It was originated from 30 years of love and experience in doll making. The vast collection of dolls was displayed in different country themes and settings.

Visitors can play with the dolls and take pictures. Mascots are available to be rented for photography. Besides, it is the source of learning as it demonstrates the complete steps of doll making for observing and trial. A restaurant, coffee shop and gift shop are also available for visitors.

Open every day except Wednesday from 09:00 to 17:00.
Entrance fee: Adults 80 baht per person, children 40 baht per person
Contact:  082 024 2888, 082 021 7888


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