Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum (Kanchanaburi)

Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum (Kanchanaburi)


   Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum  (Kanchanaburi)

Hellfire Pass is a part of Thai-Burmese Railway (the Death Railway) that Japanese military built in World War II as a way to invade India and battle with Britain military. There are many parts of the Death Railway that are stones, mountains, cliffs, and abysses. They therefore were excavated so that trains could be able to pass. Hellfire Pass is the biggest point in this railway. The excavation and construction were very difficult and many labors and captives were treated cruelly. And since a lot of them died here, this name has been used.



Later, the museum was established to collect stories and historical photos of Hellfire Pass. The construction was from the cooperation of Thai government and Australia government. Apart from photos and objects used in World War II, this museum also has a mini theatre with black and white film which was filmed from the real situations during the Death Railway construction.

Apart from the museum and the theatre, visitors can also appreciate the history by visiting the real place through the 17-meter-wide crooked route. The traces of the railway and the excavation during the construction still remain. The further you walk, the more you can feel the cruelty of this interesting historical place.


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