Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Start Date : 16 December 2016 End Date : 9 January 2017


Extremely fun at the end of the year!

The best water park ever! ‘Ramayana Water Park’ The biggest water park in South East Asia


       The end of year is coming... Have you got any travelling plan? If you still have no plan, we suggest you ‘Ramayana Water Park’ or ‘Suan Nam Ramayana’. The newest water park in the world’s rank is now available at Pattaya. It is the biggest water park in Thailand and also South East Asia with the area about 100 Rai amongst the shade of mountain and lake.  Ramayana Water Park is now ready to welcome you with the funniest experiences of premium equipments. You will get wetty and freshy!


One of the Top 10 water park in the world !!  
Ramayana water park is said to be as large as 700 tennis courts. The place is so big that can contain more than 21 types of sliders and other interesting things, including the length of mountains and lake, giant artificial wave, adventure in a cave; moreover, amusement zones for happiness and fun for children as well as thier family.






     Safety comes FIRST!   Not only amusement that we can deliver to your but also the safety that Ramayana water park provides is our priority as wll. The sliders and the all water equipment are finely designed and produced from the world’s leading equipment company and its professional team from Canada. This company is certified its good quality and standardized by international safety standard. Moreover, water used in the park is also qualified in the same standard drinking water so you can forget about unclean water for sure!

     The charm of designs and decoration     
           The sculpture and the interior design inside tells us the story of Ramakien or Ramayana. The overwhelm charm of the characters mixes harmoniously with beautiful nature in the big water park. Here is the answer of your amusement in relaxing day! 


   Adventurous and fun Slider !



Aqua Loop  Open the door to the amazement of 50-feet vertical slider before turning 360 degree freely the highest speed.ด 

 Freefall  Your bravery will turn awaken! Go down vertically from the tower and slip horizontally to the ground before speeding up to the surface of the water.

 Dueling Aqua-Coasters the best of the best with the height 20-metre slider, the highest and longest slider in the water park and in the world! It makes you feel like sitting on roller coaster.

 Python & Aquaconda  This 20-metre high slider it takes you zik-zak down with your friends in the big rings while you scream in non-stop mode because of the design of slider that binds you and rushes together, only at Ramayana!

 Boomerango  Slide down in the tube and fall with high speed.  Then flow up again 10 meters along the vertical wall straight up 60 degrees and flow back down at the highest speed.

 Mat Racer  Invite friends to challenge the ultimate fun with the racing along the lanes at increasing speed before dropping with high speed. Who win, who lose in the game, let’s try!

 Serpentine & Spiral  The rides are half-opened and half-closed before sliding down gently.  They are very suitable to warm up before playing other sliders. 

 River Slide  Another one of the sliders you must try! Passing a curve one round before throwing down in the Lazy Wavy River.   Relaxing with Wavy water loop and surrounding atmosphere.




   The Pleasure Zone for Kids.



 Aqua Play  Attract kids with over 9 different types of sliders, like water slides, water gates, water jets, climbing nets, cranks, sprinklers, including a giant water tank to pour through the players below to be cool joyfully.จ

 Aqua Splash Waterslide with exclusive design for small children with a mist sprayer and waterfalls that you can control.  



   Cool Zones and a vast array of Activities.

 Double Wave Pool  Feel chilling on the simulation beach 160 meters long with two system of exciting water waves.  One half of the pool has large amazing waves, the other comes with the gentle waves up and down.

 Lazy Wavy River  Floating on the river that are longer than 600 meters.  Players can relax with the surrounding atmosphere on the rubber ring for 15 – 20 minutes.

 Relax Pool  The large jacuzzi pool for your comfort and relax comes with a drinking bar in the pool with various menu.

 Activity Pool The pool for fun water activities and for you to enjoy playing volleyball, water polo as well as various sports.





 River Walk   Take a walk close to waterfront atmosphere with enjoyable scenery and nature view. 

 Lake Island  Watch the beautiful nature on the island at the center of the Lake with man-made antique sculptures and also fruit and herb garden.

 Labyrinth Challenge with R-shaped Green Maze labyrinth which both kids as well as adults can play enjoyably because of our concern of safety.   





   Facilities and Services

 Cabanas  Relax and Indulge in a moment of relaxation in your private space by renting one of the cabanas at the ticket counter
*full-day rental*

Cabanas 2-4 people 700 Baht
Cabanas 4 - 8 people 1,200 Baht
Cabanas 8 - 12 people 1,900 Baht

 Tower Rental  You can rent towel at the tower rental point in front of the entrance of the locker room and changing room next to the entrance gate of the water park. The price is 99 Bahts. 

 The Shop  many products such as swimming clothes, sun cream, slippers, snacks and drinks and etc. with reasonable price.




 Free Wi-Fi Free wifi sevice around water park for 30 minutes. Specially, free all day for members.

 Lockers  The service for keeping your baggage and things for safety and convenience so that you can be ready to use the water park. Moreover, the lockers are also equipped with wristband that helps you to open and close your locker all the time.
*for whole day  price*

portable locker 100 Baht  
small locker  120 Baht   
big locker  190 Baht   


 Food & Beverage  Enjoy with more than 120 types of international food around the world and also the delicious original Thai food that delivers to the table or your private cabana whole day in the valuable price.

 Massage & Spa Relaxing massage service provided by trained massage professional after you have extremely fun with all activities.

 Medical For the safety, the water park provide the professional nurse and modern medical equipment to serve you.

 VIP Lounge Don’t waste your time to queue up for tickets, shower room service or private shower room.  The water park deliver your food, drinks and cold towel at your place including locker service and free towel.


       The biggest, funniest and coolest like this, you must come and visit at Ramayana Water Park. The world biggest water park in Thailand. Only at Pattaya, don’t miss it.


Ramayana Water Park
Add : Moo 7, Na Jontien Rd.,A. Sattaheeb, Chonburi.
Open – Close : 10.00 am. – 6.00 pm. 
Tel : +66(0) 3300 5929
Website : www.ramayanawaterpark.com
Facebook : Ramayana Water Park Thailand



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