Start Date : 20 March 2017 End Date : 15 April 2017


Songkran festival in bangkok 2017

When April begins…the first thing comes to mind is ‘Songkran’ 


‘Songkran’ or Thai New Year. During Songkran almost everyone head to landmark places for enjoying splashing water. The top hit landmark in the city like Bangkok can’t be any places except Khaosan Road. However, it is just a part of fun. We will introduce you to know more of them in Bangkok to let you extremely enjoy Songkran day and to know that fun is not limited only on Khaosarn Road!


  Khaosan Road


Khaosan Road another always popular place among teenagers and tourists. You can enjoy Songkran festival splashing water nonstop from Khaosan Road, Phra-atit Road and along Ratchadamnoen Road. Read more… 

HILIGHT : Enjoy Songkran Water Festival on the longest road, Attraction center for tourists.

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RCA a road of entertainment full of music and light effect for 20+ Night Party, which is widely interested by teenagers and office worker. Interesting activities includes splashing water and party with DJs and superstars during Songkran Festival. Entertainment for whole night!

Read more… 

HILIGHT : Enjoy Songkran Watering in the light and full sound, Attraction center for young teenagers.

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  Silom Road


Silom Road a tourist place in downtown, is an interesting place during Songkran Festival. Full of entertainment and fun all day all night. Transportation is very convenient because its location is next to BTS and MRT public transport. Read more… 

HILIGHT : Enjoy splashing throughout the day since morning to evening, Very convenient in travel & transportation.

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  Siam Square 


Siam Square The top hit teenagers’ meeting point which is a must to put into the list! Sea of teenagers and tourists enjoy splashing water here during Songkran Festival. It is no time to feel bored! Read more… 

HILIGHT : Safe & Secure Songkran with Non-alcoholic, Free unlimited filling of water.

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  Central World


Central World is always a choice in downtown for holding festival. For those who wants to enjoy the Thai traditional Songkran Festival without alcohol drinks but remain entertain activities, the Central World is a good choice. Read more... 

HILIGHT : Foam Party,Lots of lucky draw & prizes, various playthings.

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  Asiatique The Riverfront 


Asiatique The Riverfront  the first big landmark next to the river in Bangkok, is a shopping complex, restaurants and recreational place. You will enjoy here splashing water beside Chaophraya River during Songkran festival. Read more... 

HILIGHT : Enjoy Songkran by Chill on the Chao Phraya River, Swing to watch the atmosphere of Songkran Festival from high angle.

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 For those who wants to enjoy Songkran festival country style…we have top hit places in some provinces in mind. It’ll be fun as much as in Bangkok!


  Phuket this year event satisfy bikers of Motorcycle exhibition. Besides. In Phuket, you’ll enjoy splashing water as well as Miss Phuket Bike Week contestant.



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  Khonkaen the best place of Northeastern for Songkran Festival. Enjoy the human wave activity on ‘Khao Newo Road’, the well-known place in Khon Khaen for Songkran Festival .

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  Chiangmai is always an interesting choice for enjoying Songkran Festival. Chiang Mai moat and Tha Pae Gate are the top hit area where tourists do splashing water activity during Songkran Festival.

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  Kanchanaburi Songkran Mon,in Sangkhlaburi, is the tradition of Thai Mon lineage in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi province. It is a worthy, unique and beautiful culture of Thailand.


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  Hatyai enjoy Songkran Festival here by splashing water during night. You should never missed the night concert with popular singers and have fun with many cool activities in Hatyai Midnight Songkran 2017.


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  Pattaya Wan-Lai or Pattaya Songkran Festival is the most top hit event among local people and tourists. You can enjoy splashing water entire day.


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Credit by : Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT.)