Guide Book Issue17 - 3 Legendary Paradise Island Trip with 5,000 Baht Budget

Guide Book Issue17 - 3 Legendary Paradise Island Trip with 5,000 Baht Budget



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Guide Book Issue17

3 Legendary Paradise Island Trip with 5,000 baht budget


Trat sea... “Gulf of Thailand's Gem” has been admired for its beauty comparable to any provinces. Trat sea’s beauty could be represented as the sea along Gulf of Thailand competing with the other seas along Andaman Ocean as well. Trat islands have white sandy beaches which also softened your feet. The sea water is so clear suitable for swimming and coral snorkeling. Another difference is whenever lying on the beach, we do not feel sticky due to high humidity from the tree pressing humidity from the sea. This makes you feel refreshed all the time. Therefore, the sea of ​​Trat is suited for your perfect relaxation.  

 How to travel to Trat

By Car: It takes 4 hours from Bangkok
By Bus: Depart from Ekkamai Bus Terminal / Mo Chit Bus Terminal 2, it takes 5 hours from these Terminals.
By Van: Depart from the Victory Monument every hour with the price of 300 baht

 Best time to visit?
The best time is during December to March. During June to October is the rainy season, even so you can travel there by checking the weather forecast ahead.

 Diving Tips
Someone who has the eyes’ condition as short-sightedness, you can enjoy diving by our recommendations. First, you can wear diving goggle with a specialized lens which the price is quite high, normally suited for professional divers. Second, for tourists snorkeling you can put One Day Soft Lenses which is one day disposable contact lenses type.



The Beach Natural Resort
invite you get back to nature 10% Room Discount off Now - 31 May 2018


 Best choice by the sea

 Bikini & Swimwear
 Colorful Beach Towel
 Sunscreen for your skin protection
 Waterproof cosmetics that will stay on even while deep diving
 Chic sunglasses
 cool dresses and shirts
 hats for pictures’ props
 a good book to read during sunbathing
 GoPro underwater camera
 Pocket WiFi  in case there is no signal while swimming or lying on the beach
 rubber bands for long hair girls who enjoy diving
 aloe vera gel after sunbathing
 chill loudspeaker
 waterproof bag


Places to visit in Trat province mostly are “the attractions of the sea”. One of them is the 3 legendary beautiful islands and 5 charming islands. We will take you to explore these paradise islands along with the highlight places, restaurants and chill resorts. This trip’s budget is 5,000 baht per person only!


We’re inviting you get back to “NATURE”

The Beach Natural ResortKoh Kood
Touching a heart of nature at the romantic resort amongst Koh Kood

What kind of your vacation? Find out your answer here at The Beach Natral Resort. The accommodation among Koh Kood island along with sea, sand, sun that fulfill your dream holiday to be priceless and romantic more than hundred times. The first step to absorb the nature, there is the blue sea on “Bang Bao Bay” in front as well as the mountain and various plants at the behind. This place enables value customer feel safe and relax with the premium facilities within resort. There is 4 types of accommodation as the following

  • The Beach Villa “Balancing Your Sensation” The Beach Villa is a highest category for an accommodation where you can take your wonderful moment to enjoy a romantic view. Moreover, the villa has placed you with a Romantic bathtub where you can spend your peaceful space with “A Charming Sunset" from your room. This villa is suit for honeymoon or lovebird.
  • The Sense Villa “Touching Your Mother Earth” The Sense Villa located on a tiny hill on a slope landscape in a quiet & privacy.  There surrounds by natural plants & trees with a private beautiful garden. This villa is suit for family with children to enjoy their vacation with perfectly facilities.
  • The Crescent Cottage “Spelling Your Horizon” The Crescent Cottage located on a hillside of the Resort, where your romance with an unforgettable memory might begin from here with the charming sunset view in Koh Kood. This cottage is suit for retirement citizen.
  • The Natural Cottage “Living Your Love” The Natural Cottage is the first category of the resort which located in a beautiful garden and landscape, surrounding by natural plants and trees with a suitable decors and designs for a Classy Customer who prefer to hide away from their busy lifestyle.

5 Facilities & Activities Don’t Miss!

 “Welcome Drink” will be served to value customer for the first impression with herbal drinks and refreshing towel check-in.

 “The Breeze Seaside Spa” Experience authentic island-style relaxation at The Breeze Seaside hut. Try the outstanding traditional classic Thai Massage to stress relief at your villa or by the beach.

 “Scooter & M’Bike Rental” Scooter/M-bike are provided for all guest (THB 400 / 24 hrs.) Please contact our staff. (Please reserve in advance)

 “Kayaking & Snorkeling” Kayak is a highlight of Koh Kood as well as Snorkeling by Bang Bao Bay to explore under the sea creatures. Resort provide kayak, life jacket and snorkeling equipments. (free of charge)

 “Blue Coral Rest & Lounge” located by beach front area which mainly provide and serve both in house and walk in customers with a daily fresh food every day. The customers can relax their time with romantic atmosphere, music and “Goodnight Drink” which makes your vacation is fabulous.


Koh Chang

“Gulf of Thailand’s Big Brother”

This is a big Island that combines all the tourist attractions in one island such as sea, mountains, waterfalls and historic places of Trat province. The white sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing and clear sea water snorkeling. You will experience the fishermen life style in the day time and the colorful nightlife of shops and tourist spots around the island. So you will feel awesome and calm in one place.

 How to travel from Trat to Koh Chang
There are 2 ferry piers  ie. Centerpoint ferry pier and Koh Chang ferry pier (Ao Thammachat). This is the most popular way due to you can take your car inside the ferry as well (ferry capacity = 300 passengers 40 cars). The ferry provides security devices, food and drink service on board. It only takes 30 minutes to reach Koh Chang. The ferry service hour is from 6.30 - 19.00 and depart every half an hour.
Fery Fee: The round trip fee for passenger is 120 baht/person and for a 4 wheel car is 200 baht (for car fee only). Or you can park your car at the ferry pier with the parking fee of 100 baht/day. 
Recommend: *If you do not want to waste time by driving your own car … let’s take a bus directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Lonely Beach at Koh Chang with the affordable price starting at 300 baht only. 

 How to travel in Koh Chang
By Bus: The bus route is from ferry pier to several bus stops ie. Had Sai Khao -   Klong Prao - Kai Bae - Bang Bao pier. The bus fee is 30-120 baht per person or you can charter as agreed price
By Motorbike: The foreigners prefer to rent and ride along the island. Please ride carefully due to the narrow and steep road.



 Highlights Don't Miss!

Watch the sunset at Had Sai Khao If you question which is the most popular beach in Koh Chang? Everyone will absolutely have the same answer ie. ‘Had Sai Khao’. This is the most beautiful white sandy beach in the island and the best place to watch sunset for stunning views in all directions making it the perfect spot to watch the sun dip into the sea. Moreover there are many resorts, shops, restaurants including pubs and bars along the beach. The atmosphere is so liveliness so that you will never feel lonely anymore. Read More>>

One of the wildest beach party destinations is at Ta Nam Beach or another known named as Lonely Beach. This beach is the ideal backpacker destination. In the night time, this area is a landmark for the party lovers who enjoy drinking at a variety of pubs and bars along the beachfront.  Read More>>

You can enjoy shopping for fresh sea food at Ban Bang Bao which located in the middle of fisherman village. The concrete bridge is the main route and by the end of this road is the lighthouse where mooring to berth a boat for those who want to go diving at Koh Rang. Tourists can buy the diving packages or check in some guest houses over there. Do not miss to enjoy eating fresh sea food as well.  Read More>>

Diving in clear blue sea at Kai Bae beach… Tourists would like to visit and pin as one of their landmarks, even though the beach sand is not so fine. But when the sea water is in low tide height, you can comfortably walk across the hill to Koh Man Nai once or twice a day.  Read More>>

 Must Visit Restaurant

It is highly recommended to drop by this popular Ruan Thai Seafood Restaurant. The highlight menu is Papaya Salad with Blue Crab (Som Tum Poo Ma) served with big vegetable basket or even the fresh sea food like shrimp, crab, fish cooked with spicy recipes. These are so yummy surely for sea food lover Read More>>
Open: 9.00 – 21.00 pm.
Price per Person: 200 – 300฿

Sabai Bar  This is an old fashioned style bar and restaurant on White Sand Beach. At night, you will enjoy a wielding fire batons show, even late night you will be more fun with wild step dance show on the floor. Therefore it is suited for the slogan of this place as All Fun, All Night. Read More>>
Open: 18.00 – 02.00 น.
Price per Person: 200 – 300 บาท

Chow Lay Seafood This restaurant is one of the popular place in Koh Chang. All menus have been carefully selected for their deliciousness and fresh raw materials. You will be amazed by not only the reasonable price but also short queue to wait for. Read More>>
Open: 9.00 – 21.00 น.
Price per Person: 100 – 500 บาท

Salak Phet Seafood This place is combination of restaurant and resort located in front of  Ao Salak Phet. There is fish cage farming inside for customers and visitors as well. The Best Choice menu are Stir Fried Mantis Shrimp with Garlic and Baked Prawn with Butter which are so yummy than anywhere else. Read More>>
Open: 8.00 – 20.00 น.
Price per Person:
 300 บาท

 Relaxing Resort

Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway
Address: Moo1 Koh Chang Trad
Rate per night: start 1,200฿

Awa Resort Koh Chang
Address: Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang Trad
Rate per night: start 1,400฿

White Knot
Address:Kai Bae Village, Koh Chang Tra
Rate per night: start 1,200฿

The Stage Koh Chang 
Address: Moo4 Koh Chang Trad
Rate per night: start 500฿



Koh Kood

“Relaxing Ocean Waves Sounds”

Koh Kood Island named as “Maldives of Thailand” is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. It is not only named as the Maldives of Thailand but also as the Andaman of the Eastern Sea... You can enjoy white sand beach and clear blue water which suited for coral snorkeling. Including popular activities like kayaking or relaxing ocean waves sounds at one of the most beauty world class resort… For those who prefer tranquility, privacy and nature relaxation place... then Koh Kood is your best choice. 

 How to travel from Trat to Koh Kood
Travelers can make a trip to Koh Kood by boats at 3 piers around the island. It takes two and a half hours from Laem Ngop pier and Nam Luk pier. For those who prefer to shorten your time, you can take Speed Boat at Dan Kao pier and Laem Sok pier. It takes about one hour by Speed Boat with the price of 550 baht/person/trip. 

 How to travel in Koh Kood
There is no public bus service in Koh Kood so most travelers will take the local charter bus, motorbike or hotel’s limousine service.



 Highlights Don't Miss!

It seems like you have not reached Koh Kooh unless you do the sea Kayaking activity around the island. You can experience this top hit activity by contact directly to your resort. Oop.. For your safety, do not forget to wear life jackets while kayaking.

3 in 1 Trip at Ao Klong Chao… this is one of the Destinations to pin down. You enjoy one place which combines water fall on its left, mangrove forest in the middle and clear blue sea on its right. Freshwater resources on the island locate close to the mangrove forest. In addition to get in touch with the white sandy beaches, this is also the location of many affordable price accommodations to make your cost saving for sure. Read More>>

Goodbye Sunset at  Ao Phrao The aesthetic experience of watching a beautiful sunset is along the curve over 800 meters long of Ao Prao beach. Moreover you can stop by and pray for Krom Luang Chumphon Statue which is known as the Father of Royal Thai Navy as well. At Ao Bang Bao, this small bay suits for a romantic couple where they can enjoy sunset view, lay down on the beach, chill swimming and have fresh sea food with the reasonable price. Read More>>


 Must Visit Restaurant

Mangrove.. The restaurant is well-known for yummy sea food with superb atmosphere. Over here you will enjoy mangrove forest view combined with the birds’ sounds. In the afternoon, you will see kayaking pass by and enjoy watching romantic sea view in the evening as well. Read More>>
Open: 7.00 – 23.00 pm.
Price per Person: 100 – 200฿

Treepod Dining
You can check this restaurant opening time at your hotel. This restaurant has a unique charm which decorated as bird nest dining on the trees. At that height that you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic view of Koh Kood and they also deliver food via the zip-line acrobatics of waiters… Do not worry about safety because it can hold up to 4 people at the same time. Read More>>
Price per Person: 500 – 700฿

The Fisherman Hut
This is a fresh, clean and delicious seafood restaurant. You will feel the seaside atmosphere and nature touch. The service is so friendly, customers are attracted to come back here again. Read More>>
Open: 9.00 – 22.00 pm.
Price per Person: 200 – 300฿

 Relaxing Resort

Away Koh Kood
Address: Moo2 Koh Kood Trad
Rate per night: start 1,700฿

Captain Hook Resort
Address: Ratcha Utid Road, Koh Kood Trad
Rate per night: start 2,300฿

Seafar Resort 
Address: Moo2 Koh Kood Trad
Rate per night: start 3,200฿

The Beach Natural Resort Koh Kood
Address: Bang Bao Beach, Koh Kood Trad
Rate per night: start 4,000฿



Koh Mak

“Magic land of Global and Environmental Lover”

You can get away from all the hustle and bustle to experience true nature here. The tranquility is spelled with the beautiful charm of the clear blue sea and coral snorkeling. Over there the environmental has been taken care by solar cells power, waste separation, linking the community life style to tourism and chill bike routes. So it is said that the perfect Slow Life is here!!

 How to travel from Trat to Koh Mak
On this peaceful island, there are many routes to travel to Koh Mak such as by Panan Speed Boat at Koh Mak Resort and Leelawadee Speed Boat at Makathanee Resort. It will take one hour with the price of 450 baht. Or taking a boat trip from Koh Kood is also popular way. 

 How to travel in Koh Kood
There is no public bus service in Koh Mak so most travelers will take the local charter bus, motorbike or hotel’s limousine service.



 Highlights Don't Miss!

Ao Laem Suan Yai.. Combination of beauty and biking / This bay is for boat docking. The popular Koh Mak Resort located in this area. Its long beach beauty is chill for a walk or swim safely. Read More>>

Walk along the red sand beach at Ao Phai - Laem Son… this red beach is not suited for swimming, but It is for a chill scenic walk that feel great, you can clearly see Koh Kooh view from there. Read More>>

Enjoy swimming at Ao Kao / Ao Kao Beach... is a place of nice atmosphere, tranquility and privacy. There are resorts accommodate along with the beach that suited for long swimming or take a drive around the connecting road in this island. Read More>>

Ao Nid.. the pier of this island for those who want to travel by boat, have to depart from here. This pier is the center of transportation from Koh Mak to other islands... especially if you travel in the morning time... you will see beauty sunrise over there. Read More>>

 Must Visit Restaurant

Koh Mak Seafood.. The popular restaurant of this island. They serve fresh seafood with the spicy recipe locally which cook the same taste as Thai people. In addition, their menu also helps reduce global warming as well. Let’s try once then you will know how it help reduce global warming. Read More>>
Open: 10.30 – 21.30 pm.
Price per Person: 200 - 500฿

Daybeds Beach Club.. This restaurant locates inside the Seavana Koh Mak Beach Resort. All of their fresh seafood menus are so yummy such as Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce, Steamed Fish with Curry Paste, Fried Squid with Curry Powder including their homemade Chili Paste recipes. Read More>>
Open: 7.30 – 22.00 pm.
Price per Person: 300 – 500฿

Sweet Cake & Coffee.. A small coffee shop that clearly represent the charm of Koh Mak. Not too sweet soft cake together with homemade coffee is the nice combination of this coffee shop. At last you will also enjoy with the long sea view scenery, nowhere else feel happier than this. Read More>>
Open: 8.00 – 17.00 pm.
Price per Person: 100 – 300฿

Hawana Bar & Restaurant.. This is small restaurant with simple decorated but you will be amazed by the beachfront atmosphere. The charm of this place is the friendly, casual and serve with simple delicious menu which is suited for all ages and nationalities. Let’s feel great for a drink over there Read More>>
Open: 8.00 – 23.00 pm.
Price per Person: 200 – 400฿

 Relaxing Resort

The Cinnamon Art Resort & Spa
Address: Moo2, Koh Mak Trad
Rate per night: start 1,300฿

Koh Mak Resort
Address: Moo2 Koh Mak, Trad
Rate per night: start 1,300฿

Little Moon Villa
Address: Moo1 Kanoon Bay, Koh Mak Trad
Rate per night: start 1,400฿

Koh Mak Cococape Resort
Address: Moo2 Phra Bay, Koh Mak Tra
Rate per night: start 700฿



 Special Trip 

Koh Kham
“Emerald Pearls of the Summer Sea”

This is a small island next to Koh Mak with pure nature. Most tourists are traveling concurrently, it takes only 15 minutes to reach. The island has clear blue sea and dreamy white fine sand beach. And highlight of a centuries-old volcanic rocks scattered along the beach. อ่Read More>>

 How to travel
1. by driving your car and park at Laem Ngob pier with the parking fee of 50 baht/night  
2. by Speed Boat from Laem Ngob pier to Koh Mak. The timetable of Panan speed boat departs from Laem Ngob at 9.30, 14.00 and back at 13.00 / Leelawadee speed boat departs 10.00, 14.00 and back at 8.00.  
3. by boat from Koh Mak to Koh Kham, it takes 10 minutes and the island’s arrival fee is 100 baht.


Koh Wai
“The most perfect Coral Reef”

It is one of the islands of Koh Chang National Park. This island is Ideal for travelers who want simplicity and privacy, listen to sea wave’s sound while lying in the white sandy beach. The snorkeling lovers will enjoy this most perfect coral reef. In addition, if you come to Koh Wai, you should take pictures of the wooden bridge that jutting out into the sea.  Read More>>

 How to travel
1. it takes 2 and a half hours from Laem Ngob pier (if by Speed Boat about 45 minutes), the timetable departs at 15.00, 17.00 and back at 8.00. The ticket price is 130* baht. *recheck the price at Koh Wai again.


Koh Kradat
“Safari of Trat Sea”

This is private island with long sandy beach and  flat as a paper sheet which is admired as Unseen Thailand location. If you walk around the island or visit the thousands of coconut trees which aged about 100 years old and the highlight of several deer came out to greet. These atmospheres make this island as the only Safari of the Sea in Thailand. It is recommended to have sightseeing tours by bus (the best timing is early morning due to not so hot by the sunlight) Read More>>

 How to travel
1. There is no public boat service in Koh Kradat, most travelers will take the boats from Koh Mak or shuttle service which is included in the package tours.


Koh Rang
“Coral Snorkeling on the Paradise Islands”

This islands is located in the middle of Koh Chang and Koh Kood which is nearby Koh Mak. Here there are coral snorkeling spots and plenty of fishes which are so beautiful than anywhere else. The white sandy beach is so nice to lay down. Most tourists will prefer coming here as a One Day Trip. Read More>>

 How to travel
1. The easiest way is to buy a tour from Koh Chang or 4 islands snorkeling trip (Koh Yak, Koh Loan, Koh Rang, Koh Wai). The Speed Boat’s price is 900 baht or comfortably travel by big boat from Ao Bang Bao pier with the price of 650 baht.



3 legendary island Trip with 5,000 baht budget
3 days and 2 nights: What a surprise pay for one person?

Koh Chang

                                                                                 500฿             500฿
                                                                                1,000฿            3,000฿


Koh Kood

                                                                                 500฿           xxx
1,000฿           3,500฿


Koh Mak

                                                                                  500฿          xxx
1,000฿         2,500฿



No matter small or big islands, these islands are such beauty as named “Gem of the Gulf of Thailand”. With the budget of 5,000 baht only, it is really worth for your superb relaxation vacation.