Shabu Shabu (Korea)

Shabu Shabu (Korea)

  Shabu Shabu (Korea)

Do not misunderstand this as a menu of Japanese hot pot (pot), but shabu is the food of the Korean peninsula since the Mongol invasion of the Korean peninsula. How do you bring various side dishes such as vegetables, mushrooms, bacon, pork, seasonal oden prepared. Arranged in a pot. Then add the broth flavored shabu. Then boil It brings fresh udon soup. Guests can enjoy a hot udon Or rice but do not forget the Korean soy sauce to taste with it.

Shabu Shabu (Korea)
Shabu Shabu (Korea)


Where to eat : Stores are located throughout Korea shabu. If you do not know where to go to eat. Featured in Seoul Myeongdong subway station exit 7 or 8, it is dong it. Or out of Seoul, it is recommended to store Shi Yeon Ryu. The broth concentrated Favourites Plus seasonal vegetables to unlimited.

Kangwongo, Sokchoshi, Nohakdong 1011-49

Tel. +82 33 635 5756


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